Managing the Risks You Can’t See: What Executives Need to Know About M&A

Every day your business manages risk. But what about the risks you can’t see? The potential benefits of acquisition may be tempting, but realizing the full value of the deal requires close attention to more than just the numbers.

Our Point of View series, What Executives Need to Know About M&A, provides insights on identifying the "hidden risks" of M&A that are often overlooked as part of the deal─but critical to its success.

  • Convergence, Not Compromise: The Importance of Pre-deal Alignment ─ Start early on getting your future leaders aligned and capitalize on the best both cultures can offer.

  • Developing a Blueprint to Build the New Merged Company Finding the “best of both processes” is the key to accelerating the design of a new company.

  • Unifying the Intangible Assets: Why Cultural Integration Matters ─ Make your merger a marriage made in heaven, not just one of convenience.

  • Creating Shareholder Value Through Synergy Management ─ Start planning before the deal to accelerate savings and remove roadblocks.

  • Command Central: Turning Concept Into Reality Through a Strong Project Management Office ─ Strong structure and a clear mandate from the top leads to an effective PMO.

  • In Word and Deed, It’s All About Communication ─ Understand your audience and communicate with the “six Cs” in mind to ensure your message gets through.