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Space has always been a mysterious place —full of incredible discoveries, new phenomenon, and infinite possibilities. The future is ours, it's coming fast and we want you to be a part of the conversation.

Oliver Wyman sits down with Former NASA Astronaut and Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at University of Southern California, Garrett Reisman, in a video series shining on the next frontier where business and opportunity lie – space.  

It’s an exciting time to be on board, the space industry is booming across all sectors
Garrett Reisman
Episode 1

Discovery – What’s Driving The Space Industry?

Kim Lord, Engagement Manager in our Aerospace and Defense practice, talks with Garrett Reisman about the latest trends in space, both from a civil and defense standpoint. As space exploration and discovery become more important in our world, the way we do business is changing. Learn more about the current environment, and where the space industry is headed amid the current global geopolitical and economic challenges. 

Episode 2

Endeavor – What's Happening In The Industrial Base?

In our second episode, Garrett Reisman discusses the many ways to segment the space industry. From the actual launch to many satellites, the ground stations and space data sets and even onboard the actual spacecraft, each play a vital part of the space ecosystem that presents opportunities and challenges.

Episode 3

Atlantis – Where Are The Mature Opportunities?

Now that we have segmented the industry and identified the key players, where does the future of opportunity lie? Where are the areas that businesses could invest their efforts in? In this third episode, Garret discusses the future of the next frontier and why now is the time to explore the possibilities. 

Episode 4

Above And Beyond

It is time to suit up and prepare to launch your next journey into space. Garrett and Kim discuss what a career in the space industry looks like and the different paths one could choose. In this final episode of the Exploring Space series, you will be reminded that indeed, it is never too late to reach for the stars.