Hiten Patel
Partner, Global Head of Financial Infrastructure, Technology, and Services
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Hiten is the global head of Oliver Wyman’s Financial Infrastructure, Technology and Services (FITS) team. The team serves market infrastructure, data, information, technology, and software providers across the financial services ecosystem. Hiten leads our strategy, growth, and transaction work in this space, for both publicly-listed and privately owned companies.

It’s hard to claim that I set out to focus on Financial Infrastructure and Technology from a young age. But after the dreams of being a Bollywood actor faded away, I picked up a book called “How the City of London Works”. Ever since then, I’d been intrigued to find out more...


Hiten plays a leading role in shaping and delivering the strategic agenda for CEOs, boards, and private shareholders. The sector is going through a series of transformational changes as business models respond to new rules set out post the financial crisis, opportunities created by new technology capabilities, and an influx of interest from private capital. Hiten and the team have played a key role in shaping many of the industry-defining transactions that have taken place over the past 5 years. 


Hiten notes that ten years ago, Financial Infrastructure was the unseen plumbing that only a small number of specialists and experts paid attention to. The most valuable and innovative technology solutions were owned and developed by in-house teams at the banks.

As the financial crisis threw the infrastructure sector into the spotlight, the most exciting wave of financial technology innovation started to happen outside of bank ownership, resulting in an enormous value creation potential.

The providers are playing an increasingly critical and valuable role as the traditional financial services ecosystem evolves and transforms. It’s finally become an acceptable topic for dinner party conversations: well, nearly!