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Introducing the second edition of the Ahead of the Curve series by Oliver Wyman, a collection of articles and videos in which our partners discuss innovative trends with industry disruptors. This edition will highlight emerging opportunities across the data markets.

Our goal with the Ahead Of The Curve series is to help our private equity clients to stay ahead of the game by providing them with unique insights and perspectives. We strive to prepare them for the twists and turns of the investment landscape, so they can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. By collaborating with industry innovators, we aim to showcase the emerging trends and opportunities that are transforming various sectors.

A leading provider of real-time data and intelligence across commodities and shipping

In this report, we speak with François Cazor, CEO and co-founder of Kpler, a leading provider of real-time data and intelligence across commodities and shipping. Their approach to data management has set the new market standards, transforming an industry that initially thrived on information asymmetry. By providing greater visibility through data, Kpler has created a solution that gives its customers a real edge and levels the playing field.

Kpler has capitalized on its early success and unique capability set to expand into adjacent commodities, develop new data types and data points while always focusing on the quality and uniqueness of the data.

High-level transformations to unleash the value of data

This issue of Ahead Of The Curve takes a broad look at data intelligence and at the analogy of data being the "new oil," leading to its recognition as a valuable asset, driving its prominent role in society, high valuations for data providers, and the growing demand for data scientists to refine and extract its full value.

We explore four key transformations that will drive value and future success in the industry: trust in data, the ability to connect and combine data sets, the delivery of customer-centric solutions, and the expansions from data-driven decisions to automated actions.