SXSW 2024

Location: Austin, TX Date: March 8 - March 16


South by Southwest, also known as South By or SXSW, is an annual conference and festival that combines education, music, film, and media. Bringing together an international community of professionals, artists, and musicians, SXSW creates a unique space for learning, discovery, and exploration in Austin, Texas. 

This year, Oliver Wyman expanded its footprint with two panel sessions. Our first session, on Saturday, March 9th, on the Energy Track, focused on the energy transition. The second session, hosted by the Oliver Wyman Forum, took place on Wednesday, March 13th, and explored the future of urban mobility on the Transportation Track.


A $20 Trillion Challenge: Financing the Energy Transition

Saturday, March 9 | 4:00 PM (GMT)



As we work towards transitioning our world to a climate-friendly, renewable future, we are faced with a significant price tag of $20 trillion. This is a substantial amount of money! The question arises: do we have the capability to meet this challenge? How will we secure the necessary funding? Additionally, what roles will businesses, private markets, government leaders, and consumers take? Partner Joanne Salih, alongside speakers from NetZero2.0 Fund and ExxonMobil will delve into the strategies and incentives required to unlock financing and facilitate the achievement of decarbonization.

Accelerating into Tomorrow: What's Next for Urban Mobility?

Wednesday, March 13 | 11:30 AM (GMT)



Cities are facing the need to reimagine transportation due to the challenges posed by climate change, economic pressures, and urbanization. With the emergence of AI, autonomous vehicles, urban air mobility, and other innovative technologies, the mobility industry is undergoing a transformation. Cities must adopt new business models to meet the transportation and energy demands of the future. Partner Fabian Brandt, along with speakers from the San Francisco County Transit Authority and Bristow, will come together to chart the course for the future of urban mobility. 

Energy Transition

Speakers Dr. Vijay Swarup, Juliana Garaizar, and Julian Mylchreest for joined Joanne Salih for our SXSW panel on how oil and gas, banking, business, governments, and civil society can come together to enable the energy transition. Here are the highlights from their discussion.


Urban Mobility

Partner Fabian Brandt, alongside speakers Tilly Chang, Bryan Willows, and Heather Repenning, explored findings from Oliver Wyman Forum's latest Urban Mobility Readiness Index, and talked innovation reshaping the mobility industry. Here are the key takeaways from their discussion.



Partner, Gabe Knapp, sat down with Drew Panayiotou, CMO of Pfizer, at SXSW to discuss how marketing leaders can embrace the opportunities generative AI will bring to their teams, their organizations, and their customers.


At SXSW 2024, Partner Brian Prentice sat down with Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Los Angeles World Airports, Ian Law, to discuss how airport operators can use the technology to enhance the traveler experience and enrich dwell time experiences.