ALTA Pilot Training Connect

Location: Panama City Date: September 5-6, 2023


ALTA's Pilot Training Connect is an event designed for education and networking. It brings together airlines, regulators, aviation training organizations (ATO’s), and industry representatives. The event's aim is to showcase the latest trends in pilot training, exchange experiences, address challenges, foster relationships, and generate initiatives that can improve the training process and our overall perspective on it.



Ab initio (zero flight time) training – Where do we stand?                                        And where should we go?

Wednesday, September 6 | 3:00 PM (GMT) 

Ab initio zero flight training is a comprehensive program for beginners, teaching both theory and practical flight skills. It covers everything from aerodynamics to simulator training, preparing students for careers as pilots. Duration and cost vary, but graduates can pursue roles in aviation, requiring ongoing learning to stay current. This panel will explore the current state and future of ab initio training and how it can ultimately help bring more pilots to combat the global shortage. 


  • Cap. Pedro Herrera, General Manager, Academia Latinoamericana de Aviacion Superior (ALAS)
  • Cap. Michael Varney, CEO Salient
  • Ana Maria Diaz, Regional Cooperation System for Operational Safety Oversight, ICAO South America Regional Office
  • Esteban Rosso, Chief Relationships Officer, X-Flight Aviation Academy
  • Eddy Wayman, Vice president Business Development, Wayman Aviation Academy


Pilot Training Challenges in the Latin American Aviation Market

Are high costs and flight-hour requirements keeping student pilots in Latin America from getting in the air?