Apidays Singapore 2023

Resilience to adaptability through digitisation

Location: The Arts House, Singapore Date: April 12-13, 2023


Southeast Asia’s growing economies present opportunities across connected fintech, government, healthcare, retail, communications, energy, and logistics. Realizing value from the opportunities requires adaptability in rapidly onboarding partners, scaling open ecosystems, embedded finance and leveraging digital public goods. To be viable in the long term, businesses must contribute to financial inclusion and sustainability.

Flexible technology architectures are key to delivering in this changing environment, and must be underpinned by disciplined processes: security, data engineering, developer experience, site reliability engineering and platform engineering.

Apidays Singapore 2023 brings together local, regional, and international experts to share how APIs and related technologies are transforming business to accelerate economic growth.

Oliver Wyman Session

April 13, 11:25am 
Accelerating Innovation: Launching A Digital Bank In Six Months

In this tech talk, we explored the journey of launching a digital bank in just six months through the implementation of a microservice-driven architecture that is future-proof and scalable. We discussed the benefits of open APIs and a modular architecture, which enabled us to establish partnerships and increase distribution while ensuring flexibility and agility.

  • Importance of a well-thought-through tech operating model foundation built on DevSecOps and architecture principles to ensure a secure and stable system.
  • Experience of building a digital bank in record time and future-proofing its architecture through the use of various services provided by API-based vendors.
  • How to leverage the API ecosystem to your advantage.
  • Actionable strategies for future projects in the banking and financial sector.