Edge is a banking and insurance platform designed to accelerate your digital ventures and elevate your customer experience.

Creating a new digital banking or insurance solution is complex, expensive, and time consuming. Edge by Oliver Wyman offers a ready made digital banking or insurance platform with Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Insurance-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to accelerate your go-to-market approach, whether you’re an existing bank or new entrant into the financial services arena.


Accelerate And De-risk

Get to market faster with a scalable, low cost, cloud native banking and insurance platform. Reduce upfront costs and decrease risk.



Pre-integrated, vendor agnostic plug-ins offers flexibility to work with your choice of providers, such as eKYC or core banking providers.


Leverage And Expand

Easily configure and customize products and customer experiences with our leading fintech components, native front-end, built-in AI capabilities, and micro-service-driven architecture.


Lead And Win

Innovative, continuously evolving digital products, services, and upgrades, tailored to ensure you are able to stay ahead of the market.

Building a digital banking or insurance offering has never been as quick and cost efficient

Here's how Edge can help you gain a competitive advantage:

Cultivates Growth

Accelerates the build of new digital banking and insurance offerings or a Banking/Insurance-as-a-Service strategy.

Designed around regulation

Comes with onboarding, payments, lending and insurance journeys, designed for multiple markets.

Beyond Banks And Insurers

Opens opportunities for tech firms and non-banks to explore alternative business models and new revenue streams by quickly acquiring financial services technology and capability.

Modular and Open

Ability to establish partnerships increases distribution of products to multiple front-ends and partner websites or apps.

With Edge, our clients only take 6-9 months on average to get to market

Edge has the foundational capabilities of a modular, scalable, digital banking and insurance platform including a future ready front-end, pre-integrated middle/back-end services and productionised infrastructure.

Graphic for Interface Layer gray dotted line

Native Front-end Journey

Graphic for Pluggable Integration Layer gray dotted line

Pluggable Integration Layer

Graphic for Systems Layer gray dotted line

Modular Back-end

Leverage Our NTIV Method

The Net Technology Investment Value (NTIV) is a comprehensive approach for measuring the business value of technology investments, factoring in profitability, productivity, operational efficiency gains, and customer value. It generates an assessment of your current technology and proposed digital changes to support adaptation and growth while remaining focused on return on investments.

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