Financial Times Energy Transition Summit 2023

Location: London, UK Date: October 31 – November 02, 2023


Rising inflationary pressures and concern for energy supply have encouraged governments and organizations to rethink how they handle waves of volatility and uncertainty, while ensuring net-zero commitments are still met. As a result, energy supply is being diversified and investment into clean energy sources is only growing. However, rising nationalistic and protectionist approaches threaten to fragment supply chains and increase costs of the transition, ultimately slowing progress. In the eighth edition of the Financial Times’ Energy Transition Summit, senior energy leaders will explore how the industry can find the right balance between sustainability, security, and affordability.

Oliver Wyman is proud to be a lead sponsor of the Financial Times Energy Transition Summit 2023.

Oliver Wyman Sessions

November 1, 09:05-09:40 CEST

Delivering Clean Energy — What does an oil and gas company look like in 2030?

Joanne Salih, partner with Oliver Wyman’s Energy and Natural Resources Practice, will join a conversation exploring whether legacy fossil fuel companies are doing enough to harness their vast amount of capital and skills to drive the decarbonization of the energy sector in time.

The session will cover:

  • How the energy industry is harnessing its capabilities to advance global efforts towards net zero.
  • Energy supply balance: How the oil and gas sector is balancing investments into new low-carbon energies, and the continuation of fossil fuel energy production that is delivering a stable supply in a restricted market.
  • Understanding to what extent this market balance is overlooked and how can the tensions between today’s energy needs and tomorrow's energy transition need to be better communicated to consumers and activists.
  • How we can build a coalition of dynamism between climate activists and the oil and gas sector.


November 2, 13:30-14:10 CEST

The next key challenge — Rebuilding grids and networks for a decentralized clean energy world

Thomas Fritz, partner with Oliver Wyman’s Energy and Natural Resources Practice and co-lead of Climate and Sustainability in Europe, will join a panel discussion on what is necessary to update the grid infrastructure to fit the low-carbon world.

The session will cover:

  • What is needed to update the grid and make it fit for purpose is a low-carbon world.
  • Who should pay for grid upgrades and investments: utilities, the taxpayer?
  • How battery technology can be better integrated into grid planning.
  • What can be done to better map demand and storage across the grid to make it more efficient.