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As the energy transition accelerates, oil and gas companies will have to sustain shareholder value while working towards decarbonization. Partners Andrew Horncastle, Abhi Bhuchar, and Joanne Salih convened for a discussion on the evolving role of oil and gas in the energy transition and what players can do to succeed in an ever-changing environment. 

You can watch the three parts of their conversation below.

The Evolving Role Of Oil And Gas In The Energy Transition

Hear about the challenges and opportunities facing oil and gas players across the globe as they strive to balance the energy trilemma of ensuring affordability, security, and sustainability. 

There’s a trade-off not only between what should I invest back into oil and gas, what should I invest to renewables, but also how do I finance the transition going forward?
Andrew Horncastle, Partner

Three Challenges Facing Energy Leaders

Learn how talent requirements, operating models, and supply chains are being turned inside-out and what oil and gas companies can do about it.

The hurdle rates of the new businesses, unless there is a regulatory change, or the cost of carbon goes up, are substantially lower than what we've been used to in the hydrocarbon world

What It Takes To Win In A New Energy World

Learn why oil and gas companies need to prioritize investments, continue to create cash flow, and make decisions quickly with imperfect information.

You’re just going to have to be able to make decisions and execute on those decisions faster, and recognizing that for a lot of those decisions, you will not have perfect information