Oliver Wyman presents at PAYMENTS 2018

Location: San Diego, CA Date: April 29 - May 2, 2018


Oliver Wyman has partnered with NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association as a Strategic Supporter of PAYMENTS 2018. As a leading management consulting firm, we are thought-leaders supporting our clients to address  their most important challenges and opportunities. We invite you to come hear our speakers and meet our payments experts in San Diego.

We are excited to be supporting PAYMENTS again this year. Our sessions focus on what's new in payments, sharing new insights, and proposing new solutions. I hope you can join us.
Tony Hayes , Partner, Global Head of Payments



Spotlight Speaker Series
New Needs, New Solutions, New Leaders
Societal, behavioral and technological “megatrends” have profoundly changed the financial needs of many consumers, across segments.  While financial solutions have evolved as well, currently available solutions still fall far short of meeting consumers’ most pressing financial needs. This has led to a customer value gap in financial services - traditional financial services firms will need to accelerate customer value creation or risk conceding an increasing share of customer attention and wallet to other firms, primarily to ‘Big Tech.’ This session draws on our 2018 State of the Financial Services report that examines who will close the customer value gap in Financial Services and reap the rewards. We will discuss the changing customer needs, changing solutions and the new rules that will power future market leaders, all designed to prompt attendees to consider the future of their own business.

Aaron Fine, Partner, Co-Head of the Retail and Business Banking Practice in the Americas, Oliver Wyman
Rick Chavez, Partner, Oliver Wyman
Tuesday, May 1, 11:20 am -12:10 pm, Room 1AB The Future of Commerce: New Merchant Insights
The experience that customers have with a merchant during their shopping journey is increasingly impacted by payments. Whether pre-populating payments information to facilitate faster shipping, integrating loyalty with payments, enabling no-click checkout, or providing more personalized communications, payments is now center-stage in driving commerce. How are merchants addressing these payments challenges, and what tools and solutions do they need to better meet their customers’ ever-increasing shopping expectations? This session provides insights from Oliver Wyman’s 2018 Voice of the Merchant study where merchants shared thoughts about their vision for the future of commerce, the experience they want to create in their stores – including online and through mobile – and what strategies and partnerships they are employing to realize this vision.

Rob Mau, Partner, Oliver Wyman
Rick Oxenhandler, Principal, Oliver Wyman
Tuesday, May 1, 2:30-3:20 pm, Room 1B

Crossing the Border: Driving Innovation with Efficiency
Emerging models and frameworks promising to improve processes, costs, and the customer experience will dramatically change the world of cross-border payments. The session addresses the drivers and trends affecting the cross-border payments ecosystem, and how new solutions lay the groundwork for innovation and stronger relationships.

Patricia Hines, Senior Analyst, Celent
Tuesday, May 1, 2:30-3:20 pm, Room 2

AI, API, Blockchain, DLT & Machine Learning: The Future of Payments?
These advancements have become some of the hottest topics in financial services in recent years. Financial institutions need to realize the potential in them. This workshop provides an overview of what artificial intelligence, APIs, blockchain distributed ledger technology, and machine learning are and what they are not, looks at what is actually happening in the industry, and provides a forecast of where each innovation might have the greatest impact in the coming years.

Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst, Celent
Sunday, April 29, 3:30-5:30 pm, Room 3



Michael Zeltkevic, Co-Head of Oliver Wyman Americas delivers keynote, "Payments Ideation: From Innovation to Implementation" at PAYMENTS 2017


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