Revenue Solution

Customer Value Management

ContextIn B2B contexts, new business is often approached through a rigorous process while existing customers are not systematically managed. Non-key accounts lack sales support and focus, while strategic pricing and marketing decisions are too high-level to develop and retain those customers.

Revenue SolutionOur Customer Value Management tool is developed around a rigorous 4-step process with clear roles and accountability. It is sales-driven, but enables pricing and marketing to insert specific direction, and play an enabling challenger role. Our tool allows for a structured review of each customer, surfacing actionable insight on customers performance and opportunities for re-pricing, cross-selling, etc. – up to product level. The upsides of actions are visualized live and tracked in a management dashboard. An integrated web-tool interface reduces the time spent on internal approvals and gives every party a clear role.


Putting existing customers in the focus contributes to both revenue and profit improvements.