Martin Pong Recognised In The EMpower 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List

Senior consultant Martin Pong has also been placed among the Top 10 Role Models in the list published in the Financial Times.

Future Leaders are high performing and high potential individuals, but can be at various levels in their careers.

Martin is a leader in the London chapter of Oliver Wyman’s LGBT+ network, GLOW, and develops materials for offices around the world to learn more about being LGBT+ in the workplace and LGBT+ issues. He is also an active member of Oliver Wyman’s EMPOWERED network, where he works to raise awareness of issues that arise at the intersections of LGBT+ and BAME identities.

Martin is an alumnus of the Stonewall Young Leaders programme and is currently a mentee in the MissionINCLUDE initiative, where he receives cross-company mentoring. In addition, Martin leads a programme of reverse mentoring, where Partners and senior leaders in the London office hear the personal experiences of those more junior to them to help them feel more comfortable discussing inclusion and diversity and addressing non-inclusive behaviour.

Living in the UK and working at such a friendly, inclusive business, I recognise I have a privilege in being able to be so open about my life and experiences. It’s important for me to give a voice to others who may not be as comfortable in their workplaces, or perhaps live in a culture where being openly LGBT+ isn’t safe
Martin Pong, Senior Consultant

EMpower is a professional membership organisation, helping corporate members drive greater Ethnic Minority inclusion at all levels of their organisations. Founded in 2017, it provides powerful network connections, helping businesses create diverse and representative workplace environments where everyone can succeed.

Our lists exist to drive the empowerment of ethnic minorities within business. Role modelling is fundamental to ensuring equality of opportunity and more inclusive workplace cultures. Those who have achieved personal success have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of ethnic minority leaders, and those featured on our lists are more than living up to it
Suki Sandhu, CEO and founder of EMpower

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