Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans* and Allies at Oliver Wyman

Fostering a culture of authenticityGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans*, and Allies at Oliver Wyman (GLOW) knows that people - regardless of gender or sexual identity – are at their best when they can be themselves. That is why GLOW recognizes inclusion as a business imperative and commits to supporting our firm's ambition to be the most inclusive culture possible.

Cultivating a flourishing culture of inclusionThrough the work of our members, GLOW serves to champion more inclusive experiences for all Oliver Wyman colleagues, because when we feel included we flourish. To that end, GLOW members, both GLBTQ+ and allies, work to:

  • Attract, retain and develop our GLBTQ+ talent pipeline
  • Champion an open and inclusive culture where all colleagues – including GLBTQ+ colleagues – feel safe bringing their full selves to work
  • Improve our colleagues' ability to connect across difference
  • Develop inclusive leaders who recognize the value of intentionally inclusive teams
  • Help the firm maximize the business benefits of GLBTQ+ inclusion

Making a global impact, one office at a timeGLOW’s diverse member base consists of LGBT and ally colleagues across all roles, levels, and geographies working together to foster the full inclusion of all Oliver Wyman colleagues.

  • Global Co-Chairs: Andrew Jakubowski, Sean Walsh, and Bryan McCann
  • Executive Sponsor: Gregory Kochersperger, Partner

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Pushing the firm forwardGLOW works to foster greater inclusion through its programs, initiatives, events and partnerships

Reverse Mentoring

Oliver Wyman leadership has been extremely supportive of GLOW and its endeavors.  The flagship Reverse Mentoring program was aimed at securing senior leadership engagement and cultural transformation around LGBT topics in the workplace through small group sharing.  The Reverse Mentoring program was delivered to Oliver Wyman’s Global Leadership Team and triggered dynamic transformations among the group that led to a profound cultural shift and commitment to inclusion by OW leaders. 

Subsequently, the program has also been rolled out to Practice Group Management Committees and Support Professional Leadership teams and has become part of the training curriculum for all Principals.  GLOW presented on the effectiveness of Reverse Mentoring as a tool for leadership engagement at previous Out&Equal Workplace Summits.

Diversity Forums

GLOW hosts a Diversity Forum discussion series. Themes such as “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work” provide an opportunity for participating OW employees and GLOW members to discuss openness in the workplace. While some of the content is focused specifically on “coming out in the workplace,” the series also draws connections between the LGBT workplace experience and that of other consultants with similar personal attributes that they are unsure whether, or how, to share in the workplace. These discussions, occurring in offices throughout the globe, also introduce a global perspective on such a critical issue.

International Coming Out Day Celebrations

GLOW celebrates each anniversary of National Coming Out Day, which is observed internationally as a vehicle to raise awareness of the LGBT community and to celebrate coming out. Many colleagues wear purple in the office as a sign of support and solidarity for LGBT colleagues and allies. Many added to the dialogue of coming out within the workplace by sharing coming out stories on the OW intranet. We’ve also created a “Coming Out Toolkit” utilized globally.

Serving the communities in which we work

Boston: Fenway Health & Community Servings

The Boston office’s annual holiday charity auction sponsored Fenway health, a clinic focusing on the LGBT community. In addition, the office supports Community Servings which delivers meals to the chronically ill, including patients with HIV/AIDs.

NY: Ali Forney Center & Safe Horizon

GLOW works with the Ali Forney Center, which shelters and supports homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. In addition, we partner with Safe Horizon on their Streetwork program, which provides shelter, counseling, and other services to homeless youth in NYC. As LGBTQ youth are disproportionately impacted by homelessness, a large portion of Streetwork clients identify as LGBTQ.

OW at the Ali Forney gala

Driving social impact through partnerships

UK: Stonewall's Diversity Champions

Oliver Wyman is part of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions program, which is Britain's good practice employers' forum on sexual orientation. We know that people perform better when they can be themselves. Being a member of the Diversity Champions programme provides Oliver Wyman with one-to-one advice from Stonewall's Workplace team and the opportunity to network with high profile employers who are all committed to workplace diversity.  Our partnership with Stonewall can contribute to making our workplace the best it can be. For everyone.

US: Human Rights Campaign

Oliver Wyman is proud to join our sister companies, Guy Carpenter, Marsh, and Mercer in partnership with the Human Rights campaign in their effort to make GLBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace a reality.

US: Out & Equal Workplace Advocate

Our members and supporters proudly represented our parent company, MMC, at the Out&Equal Summit. The annual summit gathers employees and experts from around the world to share strategies and best practices to create workplace equality, inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Peter Walsh, Oliver Wyman’s MTE Managing Partner, described the Summit as “an incredibly enriching and eye-opening experience.” At previous summits, together with Mercer and our pro-bono partnership with Freedom to Marry and Out&Equal, Oliver Wyman released the report: “The Cost of Inconsistency: Quantifying the Economic Burden to American Business from the Patchwork Quilt of Marriage Laws”.