Northern Power Women Podcast: Deborah O’Neill Discusses Diversity And Inclusion

A discussion panel featuring Oliver Wyman Labs Partner Deborah O’Neill commences 04.15 minutes in to episode 7 of this podcast from Northern Power Women.

The team first discuss whether Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) still have a problem representing women, and then broader diversity and inclusion challenges facing companies today.

Deborah is frankly honest about the role she and other STEM leaders need to take. 


Diversity is something you can count or measure. Inclusion is something much less tangible: it’s something you feel. Companies are slowly coming round to the idea that inclusion affects a huge number of people and is its own topic that needs addressing.

Northern Power Women is a collaborative campaign to accelerate gender diversity from the North of England.

Discover more about the work Oliver Wyman is doing to reframe the inclusion and diversity debate via our progressive inclusivity scheme MissionINCLUDE.