Oliver Wyman For Society: Annual Social Impact Report 2018

The fourth annual Oliver Wyman for Society: Annual Social Impact Report highlights our commitment to making a difference in the communities in which we work and live.

This report focuses on examples of our social impact projects, volunteering highlights, philanthropy through our traditional charity auctions, and nonprofit fellowship experiences throughout 2018.  Also in this report, we took the opportunity to catch up with two of our earlier social impact projects - Amici Camping Charity in Toronto and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra - to check in on their progress since we first worked together.

We are proud to devote substantial time and resources to the Oliver Wyman for Society program. Colleagues across the firm engage both in the office and in their communities every single day to make a difference.
Scott McDonald, CEO, Oliver Wyman

We deliver our best quality work to our clients, and through Oliver Wyman for Society we aim to improve organizations, communities, and lives around the world by offering our insights and expertise on society's toughest challenges. 

To find out more about social impact work, please visit Oliver Wyman for Society

Oliver Wyman For Society: Annual Social Impact Report 2018