Social Impact

Five Year Orchestra Strategy

Singapore Symphony Orchestra


The Singapore Symphonia Company Limited (SSCL) is the parent organization of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, a leading Western classical symphony orchestra.  The SSCL has recently begun incorporating its Youth Choir, Youth Orchestra and other musical bodies together as a cohesive organization.  The organization aims to present music of the highest caliber to Singapore, as well as engage and enrich the lives of Singaporeans through education and outreach efforts.


In Phase I (December of 2015), Oliver Wyman reviewed the SSCL’s performance relative to its previous 2011-2016 strategy.  In Phase II (March – July 2016), Oliver Wyman worked with the SSCL to prepare its next five year strategy for 2017-2022.  This involved extensive primary and secondary research, interviewing stakeholders from all levels of society and extensive benchmarking of orchestras and other artistic organizations.  The project also drew from Oliver Wyman’s previous work with other orchestras, including the League of American Orchestras.

The interview with the SSO’s musician council was one of the most moving examples in my consulting career of the direct and immediate impact we can create
Joseph Mocanu Oliver Wyman


In a series of dialogues with the SSCL management and board, the findings and results of Oliver Wyman’s efforts were synthesized into a mission and vision, as well as strategic goals and metrics for the organization.  Through the project, SSCL’s management and board aligned on the need for greater engagement and connection with Singapore society and Singaporeans, while maintaining a strong focus on artistic excellence.