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Each year Oliver Wyman publishes seminal industry research studies: The Global Commercial Fleet & MRO Forecast, our annual MRO Survey, and our soon-to-be-released Airline Economic Analysis. This year we brought together study leaders from each initiative to discuss the short and longer range outlook for the aviation industry.

This webinar was designed for both industry players as well as those who support the broader ecosystem of aviation and transport, including those funding investments and providing capital, insuring assets, educating resources, and regulating the sector. 

Start Time: 00:01:55

Passcode: 445237

The panelists dove into:

  • Passenger demand and traffic growth trends, leisure and business travel patterns, impact of increasing load factors and fares, and some of the operational challenges facing carriers.
  • Fleet utilization and global commercial aircraft fleet status, our 10-year production forecasts including pace of next-gen aircraft along with the impact on the aftermarket.
  • Major challenges like supply chain pressures, escalating materials costs, and labor shortages on the industry’s aftermarket.
  • Then the session capped off with a Q&A round.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to connect with and reach out to any of the panelists. 

Brian Prentice | Khalid Usman | Livia Hayes | Derek Costanza | Sam Sargent