Re-opening Schools Post Covid-19

This was first published on June 4, 2020. 

As many countries have begun to ease restrictions, schools are faced by a new set of challenges and considerations as they reopen to a new normal. Maintaining social distancing and monitoring for symptoms are but a few of the measures institutions need to take when physically allowing students back into the classroom. But what will be the cost of these measures and what steps can be taken to make these new conditions work?

In our series on the continuity in education during Covid-19, we looked at how various countries’ education leadership has responded to the pandemic, while providing our own recommendations with practical guidance and examples for implementation.

The third document in the series of continuity in education during Covid-19 offers five holistic solutions to ensure a safe reopening of schools given space limitations resulting from social distancing measures. 


Considerations to re-opening schools given space limitations

Re-opening Schools Post Covid-19