The 7th Annual Mexico Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The 2017 annual MMC Mexico Social Impact Report features (for the first time) OW Mexico, and highlights its commitment to making a difference in the communities they work and live.
These programs would not have the success and impact that they do without the part that makes them possible: our volunteers, the soul of MMC
Patxi Gil, Partner and OW Mexico City Office Head

This report is presented as an exercise in transparency and accountability of MMC Mexico’s progress in the three areas of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental. Last year was a difficult year marked by earthquakes in and around Mexico City, and hundreds of our colleagues organized to volunteer in their communities.  This report focuses on relationship and customer satisfaction, equality of opportunities, business ethics and anti-corruption practices, social action, and creating a connection with the community during a time of need.

This report also highlights a broader idea of both the outstanding effort and achievements throughout 2017 of the colleagues in Mexico, and strengthens the relationship between MMC’s companies in Mexico.

The 7th Annual Mexico Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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