Smart Cloud Migration

A proven, business-focused approach

Cloud migration is a frequent topic of discussion these days. Most enterprises are contemplating or already migrating to the cloud. Companies deal with a sense of overwhelming complexity and risk.

They worry about how to generate value and not just “migrate for the sake of migrating.” They wonder where to start and how to proceed. This paper lays out a smart cloud-migration strategy. The first step is to establish clear business goals. The second step is to group applications into “clusters,” which leads to a 6-step sequential migration plan, treating different clusters in different ways. To execute, start migrating pre-production applications, and then the smallest and least sophisticated clusters. This is the “canary-based” approach to migration, which first migrates less complex apps and software and tests for any negative effects. (See Exhibit 1.). A cloud migration should directly embrace IT-process automation for repeatability and re-use, and prioritize pre-production environments. It is essential to keep an open mind about cloud innovation; just looking for cost reduction is short-sighted. Balance the need for cost-efficiency against the upside of disruptive cloud capabilities, such as machine learning or natural-language processing.

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Smart Cloud Migration