Panorama Brasil: Telecommunication

This article presents our perspective of the challenges that the Telecoms sector in Brazil is currently facing, with a clear view of the key changes required to enhance the sector's efficiency and output. The article is part of the series Panorama Brasil, whose objective is to assess the challenges of specific sectors and support debates that are relevant for a more sustainable growth path with an improved income distribution for Brazil.

The universal services of fixed telephony in Brazil has more than reached its initial ambition of providing fixed telephony to every Brazilian. The model which was used to support this effort, a concession regime, now needs to evolve to incorporate new consumer behaviors and technological changes. However, the sector continues to focus and spend its effort (e.g. regulatory, operational, financial) on fixed telephony, while more relevant services such as broadband are not fully deployed and maximized. For this reason, a comprehensive revision of Brazil´s Telecoms regulatory framework is needed to support more updated demands of the population and once again encourage new waves of investments that are more productive for the future success of the country.

Panorama Brasil: Telecommunication (Portuguese)