The Alchemy of Talent and Corporate Success

We’re all familiar with the old corporate adage: “Our people are our most valuable asset.” Yet companies often fall short in their effort to motivate employees to deliver on corporate strategies.

Like medieval alchemists seeking to transform ordinary metals into gold, companies often find their human assets unchanged – notwithstanding their leaders’ best efforts to turn those assets into gold.

The most competitive organizations are the ones that have left alchemy behind. To succeed, they have realized that it is critical to concentrate on creating a corporate culture in which the workforce members are seen not as assets but instead as talent who are seeking to fully become themselves in the corporate context.  

The challenge for corporate leaders is to realize the full potential of their people and stop treating them as assets – they need to create a talent-focused organization.

The Talent-Focused Organization

Talent-focused organizations outperform their competitors by 54 percent in retention, by 89 percent in customer satisfaction, and by fourfold in revenue growth.

Oliver Wyman’s Four Stages of Unlocking People Potential

The Alchemy of Talent and Corporate Success