Intelligent M&A in Distribution

We are now in the era of the “Intelligent Distributor”

At Oliver Wyman, we believe distributors need to evolve their business and stay ahead of competitors by making their business more “intelligent”: using data, analytics, and processes to improve decision making throughout their organizations. We are now in the era of the “Intelligent Distributor”.

In discussions with distribution executives on this topic, we have heard two things consistently: they are in an era where distributors are seeking to make smarter decisions using data and analytics and improving business processes throughout the organization, and M&A and consolidation continues to be an enormous growth opportunity.

These two concepts together create the opportunity for an intelligent M&A approach that can enable the best distributors to break away from their competition. In this paper we outline the two capabilities you need to become an Intelligent Distributor:

  • Deploying a standard set of acquisition targeting and integration processes, staffing these efforts with experienced and skilled people, and ensuring that lessons are learned from each transaction.
  • Utilizing a set of operating platforms that deploy the concepts of the intelligent distributor to create upside in your core business that can be extracted and transferred to other sectors.


Intelligent M&A in Distribution

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