Resilience Amid Disorder

Steering a path through social and political unrest.

2016 has witnessed a multitude of civil disturbances, domestic political crises, and extremist violence in all parts of the world — populist fervor, labor strikes, protests, riots, terrorism, independence movements, and insurgencies. This has progressively influenced the political agenda in advanced economies and emerging markets alike.

Companies need to think hard about the volatility, surprises, and structural shifts that may confront them. In particular, they should consider the potential consequences in five areas: security of company property, ease of doing business, viability of strategic investments, strength of corporate reputation, and cohesiveness of their workforce.

Resilience Amid Disorder, a new publication from Marsh & McLennan’s Global Risk Center, explores the range of recent incidents and suggests how fundamental trends may shape the future risk environment. The report also identifies particular challenges for companies, especially those with complex international footprints or supply chains, and proposes key initiatives for enhancing anticipation and ensuring effective response.

Resilience Amid Disorder