Global Business Services

The Next Level of Transformation for Your Support Functions?

The role of the Corporate Center and the support functions continue to evolve in an economic context which is pushing enterprises to explore both cost reductions and new growth opportunities.

Over the past decade, Shared Services have become the norm for support functions. Today, we consistently find the multi-functional « Global Business Services » model to be a reliable answer to create a business partnering relationship and to form a better value proposition for the businesses. Global Business Services create value through greater reduction in costs and an increased capacity to build, operate and continuously improve services. This approach has enabled companies to unlock 10% - 30% of recurring cost reduction within the scope of related corporate services.

In this paper takes a closer look at the market dynamics and discusses the three maturity stages to manage shared services: cost reduction, process and service excellence, strategic enabler for corporate growth and value creation. Our experience indicates that beyond the necessary transformation capabilities, CEO sponsorship and supervision, staffing of leadership positions and team engagement are critical to succeed.

Global Business Services