Reducing Food Waste

How can retailers help?

Customers care about sustainability and will care even more tomorrow. The chance for retailers to differentiate themselves and their brand around this topic is enormous. Retailers have the opportunity to drive growth and market success, at the same time as reducing costs.

In this article, we consider a sustainability topic which has had much media attention – food waste – and describe what retailers can do to address it using their unique position in-between farm and fork:

Reduce in-store waste:

  • Get the right volume into stores at the right time
  • Consolidate range where it will improve freshness and reduce waste
  • Optimize ‘best before’ dates

Help suppliers waste less:

  • Collaborate on demand and planning
  • Manage grading requirements and quality control

Help customers waste less:

  • Have fresher products with longer ‘best before’ dates for sale
  • Help them only buy what they will eat