2014 AFP Risk Survey

Turning a new age of market uncertainty to your advantage

The 2014 AFP Risk Survey offers a snapshot of which risks more than 500 finance executives consider to be the biggest threats to their companies’ earnings.

Despite a slowly improving economy, 86 percent of respondents anticipate they will have as much, if not more, difficulty in forecasting critical risks to their businesses over the next three years. Nearly half are focused on how potential political/regulatory risks (48%) and competition (48%) could potentially destabilize corporate performance. This third edition of the report examines how companies can create long-term shareholder value in an increasingly uncertain environment by bringing their risk analysis and financial forecasting capabilities into alignment.

By The Numbers

For the 2014 AFP Risk Survey (published by the Association for Financial Professionals in collaboration with Oliver Wyman) more than 500 chief financial officers and treasurers were asked to identify what they perceive to be the risks that will have the greatest impact on their companies’ earnings. The table below summarizes the results.

2014 AFP Risk Survey