The Role of the Automobile Needs to be Reinvented

Young, technically literate population will drive switch to flexible transport mix.

Urban dwellers in Western Europe and Asia would seriously consider a change in their primary mode of transport – including abandoning auto ownership – according to a study by Oliver Wyman and the ESB Business School Reutlingen (Germany).

The “Future of Mobility” found that, if fuel prices rose significantly by 2030, approximately 77% of the survey’s 3000 respondents would change their mobility behavior by switching to a smaller car, switching to an electric car, or abandoning car ownership entirely and replacing it with a mixture of transport modes. Respondents in Shanghai (91%) and France (82%) were particularly open to changing their mobility patterns. High-income respondents (71%) were the least likely demographic segment to consider a switch.

The Role of the Automobile Needs to be Reinvented