Building Risk Awareness into Performance

The integration of risk data into performance management data provides decision makers with a dynamic analytical framework for evaluating operational strategies, acquisitions and divestitures, and capital investments across different business units, and risk profiles.

Yet in a survey conducted in conjunction with the Conference Board, only about one quarter of senior corporate executives saw value in integrating their risk and performance management systems.  The survey showed that the key stumbling blocks included insufficient capabilities to integrate the systems and the incompatibility between risk and performance metrics.


Events over the past 36 months have highlighted the importance of factoring in risk and volatility to develop deeper insights into the organization’s performance. Indeed, Boards, analysts and shareholders are increasingly expecting executive teams to describe how they apply risk information in corporate planning processes. 

To learn more about overcoming obstacles to effective risk-based performance management, please download the report to review case studies.

Building Risk Awareness into Performance