automotivemanager I/2008

Oliver Wyman's automotivemanager is the new, regularly published industry magazine for the automotive industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers can draw on the trends, opportunities and solutions presented in this magazine as they conduct their daily business and determine their strategic direction. Traditionally, the value chain represents the path of a product from development to on-the-road use. We take it one step farther. For Oliver Wyman, the value chain starts with the customer, the focus of all activities. Our study »Car Innovation 2015« shows that manufacturers and suppliers do not always address their customers’ needs and desires. For example, only 17 percent of all innovations offered on the market are actually bought. Only a balanced innovation management will allow both manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that tomorrow’s vehicles and services not only appeal to customers but are also affordable to a broad range of customers. Costs are also critical when it comes to purchasing environmentally friendly cars. Virtually out of nowhere, environmental sustainability has emerged as one of the top 5 vehicle purchasing criteria. Yet 75 percent of all Europeans expect to have their purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles subsidized through tax breaks.