RailTrends 2023

Location: New York City Date: November 16 - 17


Returning for its 19th year, the RailTrends conference is the prominent, annual event for the North American rail industry, attracting a diverse audience that includes top executives, regulators, suppliers, investors, consultants, and transportation professionals. This two-day conference is crucial for attendees as it provides a comprehensive overview of the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and technological innovations. RailTrends serves as a vital platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and staying informed about developments in the rail sector, making it the event to attend for those looking to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Oliver Wyman is proud to be the 2023 Diamond Sponsor.

Keynote Presentation

Rail's Path to Green Propulsion — Challenges and Opportunities

November 16, 2023, Thursday | 8:45 AM (EST)

All North American freight transportation modes, including rail, have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. But the main options right now for rail to cut emissions – sustainable fuel and alternative engines – have inherent challenges that will require much longer timeframes to be feasible. Partner Adriene Bailey will discuss what an optimal transition to green propulsion could look like for rail. She will also explore: 

  • How will the industry ensure that it maintains interoperability and avoids trapped assets?
  • How can the industry accelerate and scale the green transition as one?


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RailTrends 2023 Highlights

Listen to our team's highlights from this year's conference.