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With its reliability, powerful connections, and low latency, 5G promises to transform the future of connectivity through faster downloads and quicker access to information. 

40 years ago the first commercially successful mobile devices came to market, since then we have seen a rapid technology evolution
Philipp Deibert, Partner

The 5G network has significantly impacted how we work, live, and play. From manufacturing to healthcare, and education to media – a majority of industries are undergoing an evolution.  

Signaling is certainly one of the most exciting – yet least visible – developments in rail technology

Signaling systems have developed over the last century when railways were state-owned and run, resulting in a patchwork of non-interoperable systems. To increase train automation and improve infrastructure management, a new level of signaling technology is required. There are opportunities for 5G to have a great impact on train automation and infrastructure, but also for OEMS, rail operators, and the passenger experience. 

In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Velocity Podcast, join Kristina Gerteiser, partner specializing in transportation, and Philipp Deibert, partner and telecommunication expert as they bring together their expertise and discuss how mobile network and rail operators can collaborate and support the launch of the 5G network.