Merchant Advisory Group

Annual Conference and Tech Forum 2022

Location: Dallas, Texas Date: September 18 - 21, 2022


On September 18 - 21, 2022, we attended the Merchant Advisory Group Annual Conference and Tech Forum in Dallas for in-person sessions. The MAG is the leading US association for merchants to discuss payments-related issues. This year’s conference focused on the latest payment-industry topics as well as insights on the future of payments.

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Our Speakers

Our Sessions

Our Payments experts were featured in:

1. Mathieu Barthelemy and Rick Oxenhandler led the session on Payment Orchestration at the Tech Forum, where they discussed how payment orchestration can optimize and simplify the integration and management of working with multiple vendors in the payments value chain.

2. Beth Costa presented on the Voice of the Merchant Study at the Annual Conference. Oliver Wyman conducted the Voice of the Merchant Study in partnership with MAG in early 2022 collecting direct feedback from merchants on their commerce and payments journey.