MRO Europe 2022

Location: London, UK Date: October 18 - 20


MRO Europe is the premier European event for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry, produced by Aviation Week. This edition of the MRO series provides a world class venue for all those involved in the European MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges, and gather knowledge.



Consistency in the Supply Chain

Wednesday, October 19

11:00 - 11:45 AM GMT

Moderator: David Stewart, Partner 

This session will cover the aviation industry's most pressing questions about consistency in the supply chain. What are the key ways to manage supply chain instability, and what methods will help to create a consistent source of supply? What role do automation and new technology play? What are the impacts of inflation? How does sustainability play a role in the supply chain? This session will also cover partnerships, data monitoring, and keeping labor in supply chain roles. 

ACTION  ON! Sustainability

Thursday, October 20 

10:00 - 10:45 AM GMT 

Moderator: Robbie Bourke, Partner 

This session will cover the aviation industry's most pressing questions about sustainability. Are we actually tracking as everyone is saying we are? What more near-term goals and objectives need to be put in place to hit Net Zero by 2050? How do we communicate throughout the organization that sustainability is a value add and will have long-term ROI? This session will also explore efficiency improvements, operational improvements, and understanding what is actionable and the most relevant for the MRO Space. 


Fleet & MRO Forecast Update

This was to be a year of comeback for aviation, but thanks to a series of exogenous shocks, the anticipated recovery is not as robust as expected.

By January 2023, we now anticipate the fleet to be 1% smaller than the original forecast of around 27,600 aircraft. MRO spend in 2022 will be 6% less, at just under $74 billion. In 2023, MRO spend will be 2% higher.


As the aviation industry moves forward into a period of resilience from the pandemic, there's still much to resolve. This year's MRO Europe show helped address topics that continue to top the agenda. 

Transportation & Services Partners David Stewart and Robbie Bourke, along with the CAVOK team Phil Stuckle, James Murray-Smith, and Chris Drew, discuss the supply chain consistency, sustainability action, urban air mobility, cost escalation crisis, and importance of collaboration. 

Takeaways From MRO Europe Part 1

David Stewart on Supply Chain and Robbie Bourke on Sustainability

Takeaways From MRO Europe Part 2

Phil Stuckle on Urban Air Mobility, James Murray-Smith on the Energy Crisis and Cost Escalation, and Chris Drew on Continuing Collaboration