Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2021

Opportunities in Motion

Date: September 28 - November 16

Opportunities in Motion

In physics, motion is measured by mass and acceleration. In healthcare, motion is based on how fast we move, how much progress we make, and at what scale. Some opportunities came to fruition through necessity over the last year. Other opportunities — already in motion for years — accelerated and expanded during the pandemic. Since the start of 2020, we’ve gone from piloting new care models, offerings, business models, and industry structures, to making them the way we do business. At this year’s Summit, we’ll dig into what’s moving at high velocity and what’s demonstrating impact with sufficient mass — in hopes of understanding the implications and potential of the opportunities in motion.


What to Expect

Connecting, challenging, and building community

For this year’s virtual Summit, we’re convening as an Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center community like never before. We’ll start with a one-day kickoff in September packed with inspirational, thought-provoking speakers. We’ll then spend the next seven weeks continuing the conversation, learning from industry innovators and each other. And we’ll conclude with a reflective, action-oriented gathering in November. As a result, we’ll have the opportunity to build from one session to the next, to keep challenging each other as leaders, and to incorporate the power of the Summit into our day-to-day lives.


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Robin Glass, President, Grand Rounds Health and Doctor On Demand
Julia Hu, Founder and CEO, Lark Health
Mark Menton, General Manager, HealthSparq and Graham Gardner, MD, Co-founder and CEO, Kyruus
Alex Petrov, Founder and CEO, Yes Health
Andrew Federici, VP of Marketing, DayTwo

Let’s harness the opportunity to learn about innovative solutions and engage together in conversation with their leaders. Presentations will feature an overview of the offering and impact to date — along with ample time for Q&A to dig into the details.

The New Era of Employee Health Benefits: Closing the Gap Between Coverage and Care

Nate Murray, Chief Business Development Officer and Founder, Crossover Health

The concept of where and how we work continues to evolve — and health benefit plan designs must follow suit. The pandemic impacted the way workforces engage with their providers and their health benefits — including an increased demand for remote care options and behavioral health solutions. These shifts point to a need to transform the structure of health benefits in ways that better align health care coverage and care delivery. Join this roundtable discussion on how reshaping plan design around an integrated primary care model can help build a new kind of connection between health plans, providers, and members — and ultimately usher in a new era of health benefits.

In partnership with Crossover Health.


Sam Glick, Global Head, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Opportunities in Motion

Ashley Smith, Partner, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

Crisis brings opportunity, the old adage goes. And the last 18 months has certainly brought unprecedented opportunity to redefine our industry to make health more affordable, equitable, accessible, and delightful, with a new generation of companies and executives asserting leadership in the industry. Yet these opportunities are fleeting and ever-morphing, and our success in addressing them will be determined by how fast we move, how much progress we make, and at what scale. This year, Oliver Wyman Partner Ashley Smith will dig into what’s moving at high velocity and who’s demonstrating impact, so we all can be ready to capture Opportunities in Motion.

Giant Budgets and Giant Leaps

George Whitesides, Chairman, Space Advisory Board and former CEO, Virgin Galactic

From Cold War moon shots to today’s battle of the billionaires, space exploration has long inspired dreams and innovation. As in healthcare, success in space requires significant investment, long lead times, and public-private partnership at scale. Former Virgin Galactic CEO and NASA Chief of Staff George Whitesides will share with us how the American space program establishes a vision and decides which bets to take, and then stays true to that vision, even in the face of public criticism.

Enjoy music courtesy of the Northwestern Medical Orchestra! The Northwestern Medical Orchestra (NMO) was founded in 2018 by students at the Feinberg School of Medicine. A unique ensemble of students, alumni, faculty, and staff in healthcare, NMO’s mission is to share the joy and therapeutic benefits of music with students, physicians, staff, and patients alike.

Overcoming Our Addiction to Racism

Nzinga Harrison, MD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Eleanor Health

Racism is this generation’s smoking: a public health menace for which mainstream medicine is only beginning to take responsibility. To eradicate racism from the inside out, we first must build a system that isn’t dependent on it. Eleanor Health Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer will share the frameworks and tools she uses in her clinical practice to overcome inertia and create a healthcare system that is truly just, one patient at a time.

Knowing When to Change (and Being Ready)

Mario Schlosser, Co-founder and CEO, Oscar

Oscar’s path to IPO was anything but straightforward. Founded in 2012 for the individual market, Oscar has shifted focus to small group, Medicare Advantage, and now its technology platform, +Oscar. What prompted these pivots? And what did Oscar learn from them? Co-founder and CEO Mario Schlosser will share how he’s built a culture of agility, and what’s next for Oscar.

Nzinga Harrison, MD (Overcoming Our Addiction to Racism)
Mario Schlosser (Knowing When to Change (and Being Ready))
George Whitesides (Giant Budgets and Giant Leaps)

Join an intimate roundtable conversation with a Center Stage speaker from earlier today to share reactions and ask questions (space is limited).

Streamlining Virtual Care to Drive Value Post-Pandemic

Daniel Olson, SVP, Customer Solutions Amwell

The pandemic accelerated digital innovation, and now that we’ve realized virtual care is much more than a simple video visit, healthcare organizations must prioritize adopting an enterprise approach to digital health that can support all types of care and a seamless transition between in-person, digital, and automated experiences. During this session, SVP, Customer Solutions Amwell Dan Olson will discuss the importance of taking an enterprise approach to virtual care to ensure optimal experiences for both patients and providers. He’ll also share new data examining how healthcare organizations are investing in telehealth moving forward and how provider and patient attitudes towards virtual care are continuing to evolve.

In partnership with Amwell.

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Innovation for Everyone

Cheryl Pegus, MD, EVP, Health and Wellness, Walmart
Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman and CEO, Transcarent

Walmart is both the world’s largest private employer and a ubiquitous consumer contact point, with more than 90% of Americans engaging with Walmart at some point during the year. To innovate at scale, we must meet people where they are — and they’re at places like Walmart. Walmart EVP of Health and Wellness Dr. Cheryl Pegus will share what Walmart is doing to deliver better healthcare access, equity, and affordability across its communities, and Transcarent CEO Glen Tullman will challenge us to think boldly about how we build healthcare companies that truly serve everyone.

The New Healthcare Technology Stack

Julie Yoo, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

We’re in the midst of healthcare’s “dot-com boom,” with record valuations and levels of investment. Today’s startups very well could be major players in tomorrow’s healthcare system, but they can’t scale on the industry’s current bloated, lumbering technology. What is the new healthcare technology stack we need, and who’s going to build it? Andreesen Horowitz General Partner Julie Yoo will help us discern the signal from the noise and see what’s coming down the pipe.

The Power of Radical Collaboration

Dan Barouch, MD, Director, Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

In early 2020, while the world was bracing itself for COVID-19, Dr. Dan Barouch and his colleagues were racing to do the impossible: develop a vaccine against a novel virus in a fraction of the standard time. Against all odds, the Janssen vaccine was ready for clinical trials three months later. In this session, we will learn about the radical collaboration across would-be competing labs that resulted in the development of three effective vaccines — based on mRNA and viral vector platforms that have largely laid dormant for decades.

Dan Barouch, MD (The Power of Radical Collaboration)
Glen Tullman (Innovation for Everyone)
Julie Yoo (The New Healthcare Technology Stack)

Join an intimate roundtable conversation with a General Session speakers from earlier today to share reactions and ask questions (space is limited).

Exploring Areas of Impact During Virtual Care’s Evolution

Dan Trencher, SVP, Corporate Strategy, Teledoc Health

“Virtual care” has become a household phrase — and there’s been a proliferation of hot topics stemming from the space across market segments. Deepen your understanding of how virtual care is so much more than just a one-off call with a doctor. Through both full group and small group discussions, we’ll explore the impact of virtual care across three key areas:

  • Opening the Door to Health Equity
  • Mental Health as a Gateway to Adoption
  • Evaluating Quality Outcomes Over Time

In partnership with Teladoc Health; limited attendance. Please request an invitation via email to

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Evolving a Giant

Anjalee Khemlani, Senior Reporter, Yahoo! Finance
Tim Wentworth, CEO, Evernorth

Healthcare is the most personal of services, and consumers increasingly expect to engage with healthcare companies in the same seamless, simple ways they do those in other industries. Consumers view the healthcare system very differently than we do: the pharmacist is the healthcare provider they see the most, they expect great things from pharmacological innovations, they don’t differentiate between physical and mental health, and they expect to be able to receive coordinated care when, where, and how they want it — across modalities, geographic boundaries, and providers. Evernorth CEO Tim Wentworth will share what Cigna is doing to elevate the healthcare experience for everyone, including why having a PBM (Express Scripts) at the core matters — as well as what’s next.

What to Expect at the Summit

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