Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit 2021

Opportunities in Motion

Location: Virtual Date: September 28 - November 16

Opportunities in Motion

In physics, motion is measured by mass and acceleration. In healthcare, motion is based on how fast we move, how much progress we make, and at what scale. Some opportunities came to fruition through necessity over the last year. Other opportunities — already in motion for years — accelerated and expanded during the pandemic. Since the start of 2020, we’ve gone from piloting new care models, offerings, business models, and industry structures, to making them the way we do business. At this year’s Summit, we’ll dig into what’s moving at high velocity and what’s demonstrating impact with sufficient mass — in hopes of understanding the implications and potential of the opportunities in motion.


What to Expect

Connecting, challenging, and building community

For this year’s virtual Summit, we’re convening as an Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center community like never before. We’ll start with a one-day kickoff in September packed with inspirational, thought-provoking speakers. We’ll then spend the next seven weeks continuing the conversation, learning from industry innovators and each other. And we’ll conclude with a reflective, action-oriented gathering in November. As a result, we’ll have the opportunity to build from one session to the next, to keep challenging each other as leaders, and to incorporate the power of the Summit into our day-to-day lives.


The Right People, The Right Content

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The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) was created to develop and promote market-driven solutions to the crisis of high cost and poor quality that afflicts the healthcare systems of the developed world.

Based on the deep healthcare expertise of Oliver Wyman and drawing on a network of innovative leaders across industries, OWHIC identifies and disseminates the ideas and practices that will transform healthcare. Our goal is to create a healthcare system driven by innovation and the needs and desires of consumers, creating value for companies and the public alike.