Oliver Wyman & FTChinese Business Books Of The Year

Date: November 16, 2021 | 9:00am (HKT)


The FTChinese and Oliver Wyman Business Books of the Year was established in 2019. We handpicked the leading business books which explore important business and economic issues together. With engagements and votes from Oliver Wyman followers and FT readers, the top six has been revealed during FTChinese’s Annual Forum.


09:05—09:10 | Opening Remarks
Tracy Zhang, Publisher,

09:10—09:40 | Chinese Century: Age of Finance and Technology Integration
ZhangKe, Chairman and CEO, Blake Capital
Founding Chairman of UIBE Apollo Equity Investment Club

09:40—10:10 | New Cognitive Map of Wealth Management’s Macro Trends
Xia Fan, Vice President, Head of Private Wealth Business, Snowball

10:10—10:40 | FTChinese Annual Dialogue on Innovation: the Present and Future of Industrial Capital
Yuan Feng, General Manager, GAC Capital
Tracy Zhang, Publisher,

10:40—11:10 | Manand Society in the Digital Space
Zhai Zhiyong, Professor, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

11:10—11:40 | Launch of FTChinese-Oliver Wyman Business Books of the Year 2021
Tracy Zhang, Publisher,
Qian Hang, Partner, Oliver Wyman

11:40—12:10 | New Relationship between Man and Space
Shuhei Aoyama, Founder, B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

12:10—13:30 | Lunch & Networking

13:30—13:40 | Opening

13:40—14:10 | Insightson Technology Trend and Future Opportunities in 2022
Wang Yuquan, Founding Partner, Haiyin Capital

14:10—14:40 | Special Release: Wisers 2021 Annual Social Media Data Whitepaper
Clare Huang, Senior Vice President, Wisers

14:40—15:10 | Tomorrorw and Beyond –Into the Unknown
Shi Zhan, Professor, China Foreign Affairs University

15:10—15:40 | Context Strategy: Drawing Knowledge Map for Brand Innovation
WuSheng,Founder,Context Lab

15:40—16:10 | Traditional Chinese Painting vs AI -Reconciliation between Traditional Techniques and Modernity
LiDi, CEO, Xiaoice

16:10—16:40 | Digital Solutions for a Zero-Carbon Future
Ma Jun, Global Fellow & Director, Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs, China

16:40—17:00 | Closing Remarks

The Forum is FT’s flagship conference in China. It attracts hundreds of high-profile industry players, including business executives, entrepreneurs, scholars and investors to debate cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence, fintech and the digital economy, all of which are central to global corporate planning and future enhancement. Due to the COVID-19, this year the event is online only. For more information, please click here.