The 11th Caixin Summit Caixin - WEF Session

China’s Financial Opening-Up: a New Start

Date: November 14, 2020 | 13:00-14:00


The Caixin Summit, launched in 2010, is Caixin Media’s annual flagship event. In its 11-year history, the Caixin Summit has been diving deep into critical global issues from economic, political and social perspectives. It has been widely recognized for its impact on policymaking and agenda-setting as it continues to provide an independent and influential platform for public officials, business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs from China and beyond.

The theme of the 11th Caixin Summit is Rebuilding Global Trust. World Economic Forum Invited Ray Chou, Partner of Oliver Wyman to be a panellist of Caixin-WEF Session of the 11th Caixin Summit - China’s Financial Opening-Up: a New Start.

Ever since the establishment of CICC back in 1995, the first Sino-foreign joint venture investment bank in China, we saw a string of partnerships across all aspects of the Financial Services industry. Fast forward to 2020, a pivotal year for the China Financial Services industry as the government is removing the shareholding limits on foreign ownership of securities, insurance, and fund management firms one year earlier than planned. These changes have brought significant opportunities for both global and local players as evidenced by the recent announcements of multiple foreign majority or fully owned entities in China. Going forward, partnerships will continue to play a central role in re-shaping the onshore market and therefore an important topic for policymakers and industry participants.

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