Waypoint 2020

Location: Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL Date: March 9-12, 2020


Produced by GE, the Waypoint 2020 conference covers a wide range of topics illustrating how digital will and is reinventing the aviation industry. Speaker topics range across all facets of aviation from customer experience, to maintenance, to cyber security and beyond. Oliver Wyman is pleased to have several executives speaking.

Speaker sessions

Airline Disruption: Traveler Perceptions And Expectations Breakout Session

Speakers: Taylor Cornwall, Partner and Daniel Rye, Principal, both of Oliver Wyman

Time: Wednesday, March 11 from 10:15 am -11.00 am ET

With the operating environment for airlines becoming ever more difficult, airlines are mobilizing initiatives to drive improvements in the customer experience during disruption. This session will support airlines in developing solutions to provide better customer experiences in times of disruption by sharing insights into:

  • How travelers perceive airline disruption
  • Traveler expectations of airlines during times of, and in response to, disruption
  • The implications of traveler behavior, including future purchase decisions, in response to airline disruption

Building Operational Resilience Breakout Session

Speakers: Taylor Cornwall, Partner, Oliver Wyman and Gary Smith, Director of Operations Transformation, EasyJet

Time: Wednesday, March 11 from 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm ET

Airlines consist of complex operations. Hear the latest thinking from Oliver Wyman on the end to end industry view of disruption including the people, process, and technology including the elements and impacts to crew, aircraft, and passengers. Gary Smith, from easyJet, will share the airline view with a short piece on the history of ‘disruption’ at easyJet, the general pain points and actions they have taken focusing on performance, process and use of data to deliver multi-million savings in one year and significantly reduce delays and cancellations.

Airline Cyber Security Breakout Session

Speaker: Brian Prentice

Time: Tuesday, March 3, 2:15 pm ET

Cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and severity, often with critical and highly visible consequences impacting: 

  • The viability of services or technology for a given organization (and the broader system in which that organization participates)
  • Citizens/customers/employees
  • Sensitive data
  • Reputation
  • Careers 

All modern organizations need to ensure they understand the cyber risks they face, how these risks need to be mitigated and resilience maintained, and how to respond and recover when the worse happens.  This session discusses unique challenges for airline operations to manage cyber security, and emerging best practices to take a leading role in achieving cyber resilience.

Reflections from Waypoint 2019

Listen to partners Geoff Murray and Brian Prentice discuss talent shortage issues facing aviation and steps to take to ensure the next generation of pilots, mechanics, and engineers is drawn toward the industry.