Financial Times Global Banking Summit 2020

Date: December 1 - 3, 2020


Oliver Wyman was a proud lead sponsor of The Financial Times’ flagship Global Banking Summit.

David Gillespie, Partner & Head of UK & Ireland, and Dylan Walsh, Partner & Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, presented keynotes on how banks can emerge stronger post COVID-19 and on how they can rebuild the global financial architecture respectively.

Additionally Lisa Quest, Partner & UK & Ireland head of Public Sector, ran a session on the risks and opportunities associated with BigTech companies moving into financial services and Ted Moynihan, Managing Partner and Global Head of Financial Services, and Douglas Elliott, Partner, led a private roundtable on the impact of the US election on the industry.

The conference focused on evaluating financial services’ response to the global pandemic and looking ahead to priorities for 2021 and beyond.

Further information about the conference can be found here.

Session Recordings

Panel Framer: Resetting the model - can banks emerge stronger post-Covid?
David Gillespie, Head UK & Ireland, Oliver Wyman

Panel View From The Top - Resetting the Model: Can Banks Emerge Stronger Post-Covid19?
For banks the long-term internal and external implications of the pandemic will take time, possibly years, to determine. As the uncertainty continues to evolve and certain to stretch well into 2021, there is the temptation to focus only on the challenges banks face almost at the exclusion of possible long-term opportunities. Will banks be able to use the pandemic to re-build much needed trust in how they support their customers through a downturn? Are we seeing the benefits of a universal banking model with a more diversified set of businesses playing out? Will they be able to use the crisis to deliver much needed radical changes, at a greater pace, to their business and operating models? Is the necessity brought about by the crisis likely to bring about much needed innovation in the sector that ultimately enables some institutions to emerge stronger?


• David Gillespie, Head UK & Ireland, Oliver Wyman
• Dr Bettina Orlopp, CFO, Commerzbank
• Mark Mason, CFO, Citi
• Jonathan Pruzon, CFO, Morgan Stanley

Big Banks, Bigger Techs?
In a world where data, digital, and customer-centric capabilities are key to winning, BigTech companies and digital innovation from Incumbent financial services firms are beginning to permanently transform the economics and power relationships in financial services. At the same time, they are creating new types of risks, diffusing accountability, and shifting risks outside the existing regulatory perimeter. This webinar will look at what steps regulators should take to mitigate these risks and protect consumers, and how banks should react to create resilience, innovation, and efficiency.

• Lisa Quest, Partner and Head of Public Sector UK & Ireland, Oliver Wyman
• Bob Wigley, Chairman, UK Finance
• Edward Bowles, Director of Public Policy for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, Facebook

Panel Framer: Realigning banking regulation - what are the priorities for rebuilding the global financial architecture?
Dylan Walsh, Partner & Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Oliver Wyman

Panel: Realigning Banking Regulation - What are the Priorities for Rebuilding the Global Financial Architecture?
In 2020, governments and central banks across the globe delivered unprecedented support to the markets, whilst financial regulators held the line with the introduction of new capital regulations and accounting standards - largely unchanged. What lessons have been learned in the pandemic? What are the priorities for regulators as they look ahead? Does the pandemic present an opportunity to modernise and update policies to respond to new risks in a way that allows banks to safely support the economy?

• Dylan Walsh, Partner & Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Oliver Wyman.
• Christiana Riley, CEO, Deutsche Bank USA Corp
• Lara Warner, Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Credit Suisse Group
• Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist and Management Board Member, European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

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