Rebuilding Commercial Aviation From The Flightdeck

Date: August 20, 2020 | 3 pm BST

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As the coronavirus pandemic led to the biggest downturn in history, the aviation industry is slowly rebuilding operations and networks. Tens of thousands of pilots throughout the world have been furloughed, laid off or have taken early retirement, while others face uncertainty as work patterns and the types of aircraft they fly change. As the sector looks to its uncertain future both short and longer term, expert panellists including Oliver Wyman partner Geoff Murray, will discuss vital questions detailed in the agenda futher below.

On August 20th please join Geoff Murray along with other industry experts as they share their perspectives on these topics. This webinar will be presented by Flight Global.

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This webinar will discuss the challenges facing airlines and the training community as the industry looks to:

  • How should airlines re-skill and re-train their pilots for a different type of fleet and operation?
  • Can the industry retain talent and maintain team-spirit among pilots when the crisis has dealt an inevitable blow to morale?
  • What is the long term outlook for pilot recruitment and will the industry be ready for the upturn in pilot demand when the time comes?
  • Where are the opportunities for young pilots entering the industry and more experienced pilots looking to continue their careers?