Paris Air Forum 2019

Location: Paris, France Date: Jun 13, 2019


Created in 2014 by Aéroport de Paris, La Tribune and Forum Media, the Paris Air Forum brings together a succession of debates, conferences and keynotes involving the personalities that make the news, major decision makers and experts in the aerospace, defense and space sectors. The objective: to decipher the challenges of the present and the challenges of the future to better address the challenges of tomorrow. As with every edition, the new generations are an integral part of this reflection with the presence of some twenty of the most innovative startups in the Innovation Village, they are the ones who open the sessions with percussive pitches. The 2018 Paris Air Forum theme is the theme "Connected aviation and smart territory". Objective, highlight the changing relationships and processes of civil and military aeronautics and space as well as new balances of the most dynamic and innovative international industrial sector. 



8:50 — 9:05


Jean-Christophe Tortora

President de La Tribune

Max Armanet

Head of Paris Air Forum Scientific Committee

Augustin de Romanet 

Chairman & CEO, Groupe ADP

9:05 — 9:30


Elisabeth Borne

French Minister of Transport

Florence Parly

French Minister of Army

9:30 — 10:20

An aerospace power: France in the face of future challenges

Joël Barre

Head of France’s general delegation for armaments

Général Philippe Lavigne

Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Eric Trappier

Chairman of Gifas, Chairman and CEO, Dassault Aviation

What role will New Space play?

Benoit Deper

Chief Executive Officer, AerospaceLab

Jean-Jacques Dordain

Advisory board member,

David Henri

CEO of Exotrail

Ulrich Scheib

Vice President in charge of Space Technologies of MT Aerospace

Is customer experience the driving force?

David Bartlett

Chief Technical Officer of Panasonics Avionics

Christian Draeger

Vice President Customer Experience of Star Alliance

Carole Peytavin

Customer Experience Director of Air France

David Garcia

Commercial director of Vueling

Will data revolutionise aircraft construction and operation?

Marc Fontaine

Digital Transformation Officer of Airbus

Mike Fleming

Vice President Commercial Services, Boeing Global Service

Philippe Petitcolin

Chief Executive Officer, Safran

Naveen Poonian

Chief Executive Officer of iBASEt

Nathalie Stubler

Chief Executive Officer of Transavia France

10:20 — 10:40


10:40 — 11:30

What New Space has changed for the incumbents

Rick Ambrose

Executive Vice-President of Space, Lockheed Martin Corporation

John-Paul Hemingway

Chief Executive Officer,SES Networks

Daniel Neuenschwander

Director of Space Transportation of ESA

André-Hubert Roussel

Chief Executive Officer, ArianeGroup

Rakesh Saasibhushan

Chairman and Managing Director, Antrix

National sovereignty and / or Europe?

Antoine Bouvier

Head of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Affairs of Airbus

Louis Gautier

Former French General Secretary for Defence and National Security

Hervé Guillou

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Naval Group

Tomasz Husak

Head of Cabinet of European Commissioner Elzbieta BIENKOWSKA

Dialogue - Digital, environment: the new challenges of aeronautics

Guillaume Faury

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ofAirbus

Which air transport in France tomorrow?

François Bacchetta

Chief Executive Officer of Easyjet in France

Alain Battisti

Président de la FNAM

Thomas Juin

President of UAF

Marc Rochet

President of frenchBee

11:30— 11:50


11:50— 12:40

I.A, a new frontier for aviation and space?

Thierry Breton

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Atos

Patrice Caine

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thales

Alexandre de Juniac

Chief Executive Officer of IATA

Patrick Gandil

Director General of Civil Aviation, DGAC

Big data, A.I., robotics: Preparations in defence

Emmanuel Chiva


Bruno Even

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ofAirbus Helicopters

Rear-Admiral Xavier Moreau

Deputy Chief of Staff Plans and Programs at the Naval Staff

Bruno Sainjon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Onera

Does low-cost long haul really have a future?

Robin Hayes

Chief Executive Officer of JetBlue

Vincent Hodder

Chief Executive Officer of Level

Bjorn Kjos

Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian

Marc Rochet

President of frenchBee

CO2, noise, employment: an impossible equation for airports?

Edward Arkwight

Deputy CEO of Development, Engineering and Transformation, Groupe ADP

Dick Benschop


Vincent Capo-Canellas

Senator for Seine-Saint-Denis

John Holland-Kaye

Chief Executive Officer, LONDON-HEATHROW AIRPORT

12:40 — 14:00


14:00 — 14:15


Joyce Kline

Chief Executive Officer of Accenture

14:15 — 15:05


Dirk Hoke

Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence & Space


Military spatial: what doctrine for France?

Riadh Cammoun

VP Public and Regulatory Affairs de Thales Alenia Space

Général Michel Friedling

Commander of Joint-Army Space Command

Caroline Laurent

Strategy Director, DGA

Stéphane Trompille

Deputy for Ain, Member of French national defence and armed forces commission

Dialogue - Reinvention to resume leadership

Ben Smith

Chief Executive Officer of Air France-KLM

Will smart airports eradicate waiting in line?

Sergio Colella

President of SITA Europe

Jean-Baptiste Djebarri

Deputy for Haute-Vienne

Frédérique Gely

Deputy Assistant Director of Security & Defence, DGAC

Fernand Gontier

Central Director of Border Police

Marc Houalla

Executive Director, Groupe ADP, Managing Director, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

15:05 — 15:25


15:25 — 16:15

More planes, less pollution: mission impossible?

Stéphane Cueille

Group Director, R&T and Innovation at Safran and Chairman of CORAC steering committee

Michael Gill

Executive Director of ATAG

Philippe Marchand

Biofuel expert

Is there a risk of a cyber Pearl Harbor?

Général Olivier Bonnet de Paillerets

Cyber Defence Commander

Fabrice Brégier

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Palantir France

Guillaume Poupard

Chief Executive Officer of ANSSI

Are single-pilot cockpits now inevitable?

Patrick Cipriani

Director of civil aviation safety, DGAC

Vincent Gilles

Vice-President, SNPL

Pierre Vellay

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New & Next Consulting

16:15 — 16:45

Paris Air Forum Trophy awards ceremony

16:45 — 17:35

Armament: why France must export

Général Stéphane Abrial

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Safran

Thierry Carlier

General Armaments Engineer

Pascale Sourisse

Senior Executive Vice-President, International Development, Thales

The EU, a new world power in space and defence

Pascal Claudel

Operational Director of the European GNSS Agency

Tomasz Husak

Head of Cabinet of European Commissioner Elzbieta BIENKOWSKA

Natalia Pouzyreff

Deputy and Secretary of National Assembly national defence and armed forces commission

Are plane delays a foregone conclusion in Europe?

Maurice Georges

Director of Air Navigation Services, DGAC

Thomas Reynaert

Chief Executive Officer of Airlines for Europe

Anne Rigail

Chief Executive Officer of Air France

Will flying cars really take off?

Patrick Cipriani

Director of civil aviation safety, DGAC

Gratien Maire

General Manager Engineering ADP Group

François Sillion

Director of Uber's ATCP

17:35 — 17:50

Closing dialogue

Frédérique Vidal

French Minister of Study


Augustin de Romanet, Chairman & CEO, Groupe ADP

Dirk Hoke, CEO of Airbus Defence & Space

Florence Parly, French Minister of Army

Elisabeth Borne, French Minister of Transport

Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus Commercial Aircraft

Hervé Guillou, Chairman & CEO of Naval Group

Ben Smith, CEO of Air France-KLM

Gratien Maire, CEO of ADP Ingenierie

Philippe Petitcolin, CEO of Safran


Location: Maison de la Mutualité

Address: 24 rue Saint-Victor 75005 Paris, France


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