Revenue Solution

Retail Assortment Optimization

ContextChoosing what to offer where is one of the most basic problems in retail. Our clients have to decide which of tens of thousands of products to sell in thousands of locations or which of millions of products to present in prime-positions online. Changing assortments is complex and costly as it involves moving real product in real places. Layouts have to be built, logistics arranged and only products that are listed can be priced or promoted. Often many data sources are available but not combined to a single source of information that allows for daily decision making.

Revenue SolutionOliver Wyman has developed a standardized tool that rigorously optimizes assortment recommendations from a customer-centric view, while category managers have the control over every decision. The tool gives insights on product's contribution to sales and margin in each store  cluster, its space allocation, trend and customer preferences. Regional products are automatically recognized and distribution handled appropriately. Planograms are automatically informed and allowing for smooth execution. ImpactOur Assortment Optimization Solution drives results. Sales improvements of 2 to 6  percent are common depending on the starting point and category.