Renovating a Refugee Center

Caritas ALVENI is a nonprofit that helps refugees to manage their new life in Germany and to find perspective. The organization’s staff gives advice and guidance to refugees living in shared accommodations, emergency housing or private apartments, and takes care of them while they live in these spaces. The accommodation in Munich’s Berg am Laim hosts around 170 refugees, including 60 children. 

The Oliver Wyman staff alongside colleagues from Marsh and McLennan’s other operating companies, redecorated two communal rooms, built and painted furniture and children’s toys, completed a mosaic table, and cooked a traditional Afghan lunch with everyone involved in the day. 


Thank you so much for your help, you really made a huge difference to our center and we would be delighted to work with you again in future!
Guissela Heidenreich, Caritas ALVENI

The office’s donation covered the materials and food which the center wouldn’t normally be able to afford and helped to improve the center’s look and feel. Other engagements in the future are now possible for the center after this event went so well, and they are now equipped to do more like this going forward.

This story and others like it appear in the Oliver Wyman for Society Annual Social Impact 2018 Report