Restoring Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park After Hurricane Harvey

Buffalo Bayou is a waterway starting in Katy, Texas and flows 53 miles east into Galveston Bay and onto the Gulf of Mexico. In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas causing catastrophic flooding and damage across Houston (including the Bayou) due to heavy, prolonged rainfall.

They [OW] are enthusiastic and energetic with determination to complete a project that seemed to be impossible to complete. We are so grateful for volunteers like Oliver Wyman’s employees
Leticia Sierras, BBP Volunteer Coordinator

Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 that aims to restore the bayou’s natural beauty and make it an accessible green space for Houston’s residents. In April 2018, members from the Houston office joined a carbon offsets lunch & learn followed by volunteering with BBP restoring the Bayou by shoveling and moving washed-up silt left by Hurricane Harvey. The group moved more than 35 barrels of silt in an hour, aiding in the recovery of the park. In keeping with grOW themes (Oliver Wyman’s sustainability employee resource group), participants walked from the Houston office to the volunteer site and used refillable water bottles during the event.

Spending an afternoon assisting Buffalo Bayou cleanup with the Houston chapter of grOW was an excellent experience. Although brief, the event allowed us to play a small role in Hurricane Harvey recovery, contribute to Houston’s natural environment, and connect with OW colleagues in a fun way. I am excited for more such events in future
Michael Donatti, Consultant

This story and others like it appear in the Oliver Wyman for Society Annual Social Impact 2018 Report