Oliver Wyman wins Gold in Australia’s LGBTI inclusion benchmark

The Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) is the definitive national benchmark on LGBT+ workplace inclusion for the country. Oliver Wyman is thrilled to be among employers who achieved the Gold standard.

On behalf of ACON and the Pride Inclusion Programs team, both Mark and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all that your organisation has done to increase the LGBTI inclusivity within Australian workplaces over the past year. There are so many dedicated teams, networks, executives, leaders, individuals that are committed to what we are collectively working towards - a safe, equitable and inclusive workplace for all.
Dawn Hough, Director, ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs

AWEI evaluates LGBT+ inclusivity against a comprehensive set of measures and a body of supporting evidence.  It gauges the overall impact of inclusion initiatives on organizational culture as well as identifying and non-identifying LGBT+ employees. AWEI drives best practice in Australia and sets a comparative benchmark for Australian employers across all sectors.

Gold Employers have obtained the highest AWEI submission scores within the current year. This recognition is indicative of a substantial amount of work and activity in the area of LGBTI inclusion.

Typically, Gold Employer status recognises organisations sitting within the top 10% of scores obtained.  Gold recognition is an outstanding achievement and organisations that obtain this recognition should be applauded for their level of activity over the given year.

As Executive Sponsor for GLOW and given my passion in this area, I was extremely delighted to hear that the Australian office had made such leaps and bounds to achieve Gold status in the AWEI awards for 2019. This is a fantastic achievement! Having worked in the Sydney office for three months in 2014/15, I can only say that this recognition is well deserved and represents not only the hard work of the GLOW committee in Sydney, but also the active support in the Sydney office for LGBT+ inclusion, including executive sponsor for the chapter Edward Emanuel. I look forward to hearing more about our GLOW initiatives and events that stretch the boundaries of what it means to be LGBT+ inclusive. Well done team!
Dominic Weh, Partner & Executive Sponsor for GLOW

Some highlights of the things the Sydney Office did in 2019 to earn this award:

  • Mardi Gras themed Happy Hour: Australia is famous for putting on a show. And this year was no different with the Mardi Gras themed Happy Hour in the Sydney office, with a large amount of decorations and food, with our MMC colleagues invited as well.
  • LGBTI Awareness Training: Oliver Wyman held LGBTI awareness training, in conjunction with Marsh and the rest of the MMC offices in Sydney. It was a great success with over 200 people in the meeting from across the Pacific, and rainbow cake provided to all in celebration of the start of Pride Month. The training is held by our workplace inclusion provide, Pride in Diversity, an initiative of ACON.
  • Other: Over 60% of the Oliver Wyman Sydney office have a GLOW Safe Space sticker on their laptop as a sign of support and openness. There are also ~10 GLOW-themed mugs for everyone to use, and has been popular. There are plans to roll our GLOW-themed pins and other merchandise in 2019.

Discover more about our LGBT+ employee resource group, GLOW, here.

More information about AWEI is available here.