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What We Do

Our team recognizes that given the unprecedented shifts taking place in the energy world, many traditional energy business models are becoming obsolete. The move toward decarbonization and the energy transition, coupled with technological innovation — such as electrification and the Internet of Things — have introduced opportunities to enhance efficiency, improve the customer experience, and collaborate with other industries. And with these opportunities come a new array of risks to navigate.

We work with energy companies to address strategic and operational challenges through proven, results-oriented approaches. Our expertise is based on deep industry experience across the oil and gas, utilities, chemicals, and mining sectors. Clients turn to us to help them seize new trends, challenges, and opportunities in energy, while managing their existing business and assets efficiently and effectively.



Around the world, time is running out to reverse the destructive power of climate change. And while we have a lot of work to do over the next decade, we are all in this together. We hope this fifth edition of The Oliver Wyman Energy Journal is useful as you carve your path through the Energy Transition.

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What We Think

Across the Energy sector and beyond, there are a number of factors impacting the companies that power our lives, from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Energy Transition and the evolving climate agenda. Check out our content hubs for a collection of our latest thinking on some of the most pressing topics facing the sector today.

Energy Transition

Conquering challenges of an industry in evolution

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Energy And Coronavirus

The energy transition is accelerating across countries worldwide

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Confronting Climate Risks

From climate risks to the energy transition, we work closely with clients to help them assess and confront the challenges and opportunities of operating in today's dynamic environment.

Check out our collection of insights and ideas related to climate risks from across Oliver Wyman.

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