World Future Energy Summit 2024

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Date: April 16—18, 2024


The World Future Energy Summit is a global think tank, powered by global innovation, pioneering minds, and groundbreaking insights. It brings together industry influencers, problem solvers, and cutting-edge solutions, focusing on creating blueprints for a sustainable future. Recognized as a premier event in its field, the summit serves as a catalyst for the worldwide shift to renewable energy, providing a platform for the entire industry to unite.

Participants have the opportunity to meet new players in the energy chain, exhibit and be at the forefront of global discovery, and learn through conferences and speakers — thought leaders and disruptors committed to a comprehensive discussion on energy dialogue, collaboration, and in-depth analysis. 


April 17, 11:50—12:15 GST
Fireside talk — Gas flexibility — its role as a transition fuel

What is the role of gas as a transition fuel as countries look to increase their installed renewables base? This discussion looked at where gas fits in a country’s energy transition, the role it will play as countries move towards clean sources, how it can flexibly meet intermittent but frequent demands, and where gas fits into the storage debate.

Moderator: Christopher Decker, partner, Oliver Wyman

Speakers: Alistair Mulligan, director, asset management, Generation, TAQA; and Otmane Benamar, chief technology officer, GE Gas Power EMEA


April 18, 12:00—12:45 GST
Panel — Building a scalable hydrogen industry

How do countries build large-scale, long-term hydrogen sectors that are attractive to investors, governments, and off takers alike? This is a key challenge faced by governments because such schemes require long-term financing with a business case to back them.

Moderator: Alejandro Longueira, principal, Oliver Wyman

Speakers: Sergio Lopez Perez, energy transition and markets section head, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy; Daniel Schwappach, head of sustainable energy systems Middle East and Africa, Siemens Energy; Abhay Bhargava, associate partner and regional practice leader MEASA Energy and Environment Practice, Frost & Sullivan; and Yassir Ghiyati, managing director, Topsoe EMEA


April 18, 15:50—16:30 GST
Panel — Smart water perspectives for liveable cities

In water-scarce regions, governments are expected to meet rising demand in urban environments. It means planners need to think about not just how future buildings will use water, but those that already exist as well. This session discussed innovation, technology solutions and potential regulation to ensure that future cities use water efficiently and effectively.

Moderator: Robert Bryniak, ceo, Golden Sands Management

Speakers: Arnaud Delamare, partner, Oliver Wyman, Weffaq Al Mashehari, water efficiency programs senior specialist, Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, Edurne Gil de San Vicente, program director, Water Alliance UAE, Laure Russler–Becle, regional director for water and energy, marine & port, nuclear & maritime environment, Egis.