Our Consultant Development Program (CDP) Could Be The Key To Your Future

Our 6-12 month program is designed to prepare you holistically for a career in consulting. You will engage and work with Oliver Wyman project teams during the course of this program. Apart from research and analysis, preparing presentations, project work, and structuring knowledge, you will also get exposure to core consulting skills through formal trainings complementing your on-the-job training. In doing so, you will collaborate with clients to take on challenging and interesting problems.

At Oliver Wyman, we believe in making a lasting positive impact on society. In this context, we invest in Saudi Arabia's future and its youth through the launch of our ambitious CDP Program. Our CDP Program develops Saudi Arabia's most talented and promising youth. We equip them with leadership capabilities to contribute to the Kingdom’s Vision, its transformation, and turbocharge their career. Those high potential future leaders are enhancing our team and capabilities, developing our depth and diversity to better serve our clients in the Kingdom and abroad.
Mathieu Vasseux, Partner | Dubai
At Oliver Wyman, we believe in delivering exceptional impact for our clients while fostering a fulfilling and exciting work environment. To this end, we enable and encourage CDP candidates to roll up their sleeves and experience hands-on involvement from day one. By providing candidates with the opportunity to work across multiple industries and collaborate with senior team members as well as with our clients’ senior management, we empower them with tangible exposure and growth. We are committed to developing the best talent and look forward to welcoming CDP candidates in this exciting journey.
Adel Alfalasi, Principal | Abu Dhabi
CDP candidates get the opportunity to fully integrate into the consulting industry with the majority of the training happening on the job as part of a delivery team. They will get unparalleled exposure to the most senior decision makers in both the public and private sectors, and work on the most challenging and impactful projects for these clients. Through the CDP, candidates will have the foundational toolkit to build a successful career in the consulting industry or beyond.
Seif Sammakieh, Partner | Riyadh

The Program

Middle East is a market booming with opportunities and talent, and we at Oliver Wyman not only see this remarkable story but are also deeply invested in it. The youth in the region is aspirational, with their sights focused on progress and prosperity. The youth is driving innovation and change, and Oliver Wyman will provide a small step in this journey through initiatives such as the Consultant Development Program.

The recent CDP cohort

Eight fresh graduates joined us as Analysts in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi to start their Consultant Development Program journey. We had the pleasure to have them in the Dubai office for a week of induction, training and social gathering. Welcome to all of them!

Photos of the new cohort with Alfalasi, Adel – Principal, Head of Abu Dhabi, Pedro Oliveira – Managing Partner, IMEA, Seif Sammakieh - Partner, Head of Riyadh

Apply Now

Apply if you are a recent graduate or in the final year of university (Bachelors or Masters) with GPA scores above 3.5/ 4 or 4.5/ 5 (depending on the school) with a Major in Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, or Mathematics. All applicants need to be Saudi or Emirati nationals with a high level of proficiency in English and an interest in consulting. For more queries, please reach out to IMEARecruiting@oliverwyman.com.

Let Us Share Our Successful Stories

As a fresh graduate, Oliver Wyman has given me the opportunity to create and see the positive impact I make not only on clients, but on society as well.

I applied to the CDP to explore multiple industries and sectors, which will help me better envision my career trajectory. Also, I wanted to work in one of the best collaborative environments in the world, and interact with creative and wonderful people at Oliver Wyman.

Oliver Wyman’s culture is unique – it feels like a family to have the opportunity to easily speak with anyone in the firm for any required support and advice; such flexibility helped me learn and grow exponentially in no time!

I was keen to return to Saudi Arabia and create impact for the Kingdom’s strategic growth under Vision 2030. The CDP has served as a key enabler towards this goal.