Oliver Wyman

Consultant Development Program

Oliver Wyman Riyadh has just started its 3rd cohort of analysts within its Consultant Development Program designed for university graduates. 

The 6-12 month program is designed to prepare you holistically for a career in consulting. You will engage and work with Oliver Wyman’s project teams during the course of this program. Apart from research and analysis, slide-writing, project work, and structuring knowledge, you will also get exposure to core consulting skills through formal trainings complementing your on-the-job training. In doing so, you will collaborate with clients to take on challenging and interesting problems.

If Consulting is your career choice, then our Consultant Development Program could be the key to your future.  

Saudi Arabia is a market booming with opportunities and talent, and we at Oliver Wyman not only see this remarkable story but are also deeply invested in it. The youth in the country is aspirational, with their sights focused on progress and prosperity. Saudi youth are driving innovation and change, and Oliver Wyman will provide a small step in this journey through initiatives such as the Consultant Development Program.

The Program:

Month 1

You will have your induction at the start. This initial stage will help familiarize you with what is to come over the next one year. It will also give you a sense of the structure of the program.

During this time, you will also be trained in:

  • Power Point
  • Excel
  • Slide writing
  • Analysis
  • Presenting
  • Communication

Month 2 – Month 6

During this period, you will be put through actual project work. This stage will also comprise both team work and training.

Month 6

At this time, you will be assessed through a mid-program performance review, and only successful candidates will remain in the program. Those leaving Oliver Wyman at this stage will receive a certificate confirming the trainings and achievements.

Month 7 – Month 12

Remaining candidates will continue their project work. This stage will also comprise both team work and training.

End of Month 12

You have graduated! You will receive your certificate at an official ceremony.

Top performers will get an official offer to join Oliver Wyman as a Consultant.

Criteria for Applicants

  1. Recent graduates or those in final year of university (Bachelors or Masters)
  2. GPA scores above 3.5/ 4 or 4.5/ 5 (depending on school) with a Major in:
    • Engineering
    • Business
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
  3. KSA national
  4. A high level of proficiency in English
  5. Interest in Consulting

For more queries, please reach out to: Recruiting.KSA@oliverwyman.com