My name is Sara Alhammadi. I am from Abu Dhabi, UAE. I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship and a minor in Fine Arts. I like to spend my time painting and traveling to explore different cultures.

Why did you apply for the Consultant Development Program (CDP)?

My desire and passion to learn and invest in myself made me apply for the Consultant Development Program (CDP) at Oliver Wyman. This program will allow me to develop my leadership skills and to help the UAE achieve its visions.
The biggest motivator that encouraged me to apply for the CDP is the in-depth knowledge of industries that I will gain. As a fresh graduate I saw the CDP as a toolkit for success which can be used to build extraordinary Emirati leadership skills.

Tell us more about your experience with the CDP.

The CDP allowed me to work in a fast-paced environment and be surrounded by people who challenge me on daily basis. I have been working with outstanding teams and learning quickly from those who are more experienced through their constructive feedback.

What your experience at Oliver Wyman been like so far?

As a fresh graduate, Oliver Wyman has given me the opportunity to create a positive impact and see the impact I make not only on clients, but on society as well. The self-development and additional knowledge I’m gaining from the CDP at Oliver Wyman makes me feel more valuable. What differentiates Oliver Wyman is its great community with very passionate and supporting people who challenge you to become the best you can personally be.